Lower Exe Mooring Authority - Notices

Lower Exe Mooring Authority



Due to the increased demand for moorings and shortage of space, please note:

  1. Moorings lying within the L.E.M.A. area of control, whether or not appropriately marked, which remain unlicensed after the last week of June in any yearwill be deemed as abandoned and any right to moor in that space will be revoked forthwith. All such moorings will be liable to removal thereafter without further notice and the last registered owners shall be deemed liable for the expense so incurred. Any application to reinstate that licence will be at the discretion of the Management Committee and an inspection and administration charge will be made. The Mooring Licence Holder may also be required to pay a deposit (which will be refundable on the surrender of the mooring licence) to cover any expenses incurred by LEMA in the removal of that mooring.
  2. Any Mooring Licence holder moving any mooring withinthe LEMA area without the written consent of the Mooring Officers, may be liable to revocation of any or all licences issued to them by LEMA.
  3. Despite the fact that a person may no longer be a mooring licence holder the conditions form a contract between the Lower Exe Mooring Authority Management Committee and the individual mooring licence holder(s). There is no reason in principle why certain rights and obligations under the contract should not continue, even after the expulsion or retirement of a mooring licence holder(s).
  4. Due to the severe tidal and weather conditions experienced in the River Exe, the Management Committee strongly recommend that all licence holders employ a Mooring Services Provider that has been licensed by LEMA’s Management Committee, to: lay; inspect and maintain their moorings.Dixons Chandlery, Exmouth Docks, has contributed technical data to the mooring schedules recommended by LEMA and can also provide sound advice on; chain; strops and mooring components etc.