Lower Exe Mooring Authority - Notices - EXE VOLUNTARY EXCLUSION ZONES

Lower Exe Mooring Authority

e mail received from Dave Rochester of Exeter Port Users Group set out below:



No doubt you are aware of the consultation process being organised by EEMP with regard to the Exmouth and Dawlish Warren Voluntary Exclusion Zones(VEZ's). While there have been several constructive meetings with Steph Clark of EEMP (Exe Estuary Management partnership), to date it is not clear whether any of the amendments to the proposed VEZ's we have suggested will be accepted by EEMP.

I show below (in blue) recent information from the EEMP website which sets out the concluding part of the consultation process In the circumstances we believe that in order to best protect the position of all users that we should attend "en masse" at the final consultation event which is being held on 20th April. If the VEZ's are of concern to you can I ask you to circulate this email to your members and encourage them to attend. Please note it is essential to book!

Bookings for the event need to be made via EEMP at


"The public consultation event on 20th April, 6pm at County Hall will present the suggested user group revisions for the Voluntary Exclusion Zones. There will be opportunity for further debate or suggestions at this event.
All comments will be taken into account by the Exe Estuary Management Partnership (EEMP) until the end of the consultation on the close of 28th April.
Responses and comments will be analysed by the EEMP, who will produce final recommendations.
Final recommendations and reasoning will be presented to the SEDHRP in May, for their discussion and agreement.
A final report will be produced by the EEMP by September 2017, to include recommendations on final proposals, and details and analysis of the responses collected through the consultation exercise. This will be made publically available on the EEMP consultation webpage.
The final report will be taken to the South East Devon Habitat Regulations Executive Committee in September 2017 for their approval.
Once proposals have been formally approved, the EEMP and SEDHRP will promote the new Voluntary Exclusion Zones and codes of conduct through signage, leaflets, newsletters, press releases, websites and via local clubs. The Habitat Mitigation Officers will be on-site to raise awareness about the new zones and codes.
The effectiveness of the zones will be monitored over time.