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Lower Exe Mooring Authority

Info - LEMA Ltd.

In 2014 the East Devon District Council (EDDC), as both the lessees and part owners of the river bed, gave the mooring licence holders the authority to establish a Private Company Limited by Guarantee. governed by the Articles of Association, as specified in the Companies Act of 2006. This Company is registered as the:


LEMA Ltd. is authorised to act as the agents for EDDC in the matter of licensing and managing moorings in the lower Exe Estuary. LEMA Ltd. employ a part time Company Secretary and appoint voluntary moorings officers, who between them carry out the day to day management of the moorings.

The overall responsibility for the management of the moorings is that of the LEMA Ltd's Management Committee formed by the elected Directors, who make the final decisions and are accountable. However. all the Mooring Licence Holders have a part to play in the responsibility of managing and use of the moorings in a safe and proper manner.

The Management Committee have the authority to co-opt non voting committee members to act as consultants or supply specialist skills.

Mooring Owner v Mooring Licence Holder.

Although this is generally one and the same, either; an individual; family; partnership or company, we need to distinguish between mooring owner and licence holder. The two are quite different. 

The mooring, is a term used to describe or represent, all the mooring gear: blocks; anchors; chains; buoys etc, this is the sole property of the Mooring Owner or Owners.

A mooring licence, is required by every mooring owner who wishes to lay their mooring anywhere in the Lower Exe. The Mooring Licence Holder has no claim to the riverbed on which the mooring is laid. This Licence, issued by LEMA Ltd on behalf of EDDC, is for one year only but may be renewed annually.  Terms and conditions apply to which the named mooring licence holder is accountable.

We are Mooring Owners with a Mooring Licence.